Urban Observers Ep 13 Barcelona day 3 – Travelling with us while learning

Casa Milà, It is a wonderful backdrop, an exceptional building not to be missed if you are a fan of Gaudí. Many international films have been made here. Located right on the corner of the famous Passeig de Gràcia and Provença makes it an easily accessible attraction in Barcelona for architecture lovers. It is an iconic landmark, universal symbol of modernist buildings. Its rooftop is being designed with many mesmerizing chimneys, the attic is magnificent, the courtyard is also very surprisingly interesting to look at. It is almost a disruptive work of art, built from stones from mountains nearby, it retains a rustic charm till to this day. The irregular shapes of the facade is a typical symbol for Gaudi’s work, the interiors are quite dynamic with vibrant colours, round floors and a natural ventilation system.

Moving next, we head to Mercat dels Encants, which is a giant flea market under a mirrored roof selling furnitures, antiques and clothes. With the newly installed canopy, it is no longer an open air market. The old flea market dates back to the middle ages and has been at this location since 1928. In my idealization of a vibrant public space, it looks just like this place, this is the magnet city where people come to socialize and to search for treasures, and bargain with vendors.

We left the signature emblem of Barcelona to the end of the day. La Sagrada Familia, a work still in progress after more than hundred years of constructions. The basilica is built in the shape of a Latin cross, gothic structure dominates the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia. We went in from the Nativity Facade, right after we emerged inside the basilica, we were soaked in the late afternoon sunshine coming from the colourful stained glass windows. It blew our mind, the scope and complexity of the project is a demonstration of Gaudi’s vision. Aside from the Biblical themes, Gaudi was also inspired by nature as God’s handiwork. The main ceilings, seems like a forest canopy. The column bases feature turtles, while the tops the towers are filled with apples, grapes, oranges and other fruits. Outside and down some stairs, there is a museum, It included many things such as Gaudi’s designs, information about the history and construction of the building.

Next episode, we will be taking you to see some interesting urban planning project of Barcelona, see you in the next one.

Team H2O2 wishes to create different approaches to the world of urban planning and architecture, we value the importance of the “observation”. We were inspired by the idea of an “aimless flaneur” who understands and experience the world we share, how we live together in urban places and how we shape our urban spaces, to find out what works and what doesn’t in creating vibrant cities and enjoy the urban surprises. It takes more than just academics to create a great city.

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