Urban Observers Ep 10 Cordoba Part 2- Travelling with us while learning

Cordoba Day 2

Rise and Shine, we went straight to Plaza Corredera, wandered into the food market which was full of bustle and lovely fish, vegetables and cheeses were all displayed to perfection. Then we headed to the newer part of the city. The Andalucian city of Córdoba is perhaps not one of the first places you would expect to see meaningful and modern urban designs, but away from the beautiful historical core, there are spaces that being transformed into a multipurpose public space such as the CAAC. Originally reinvented by Madrid architects Paredes Pino, the“Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas”, Aka Open centre of civic activities, is a place that hosts many community events, such as a twice-weekly flea market, has been transformed into a kind of architectural array of water lilies. The steel parasols have coloured tops and reflective undersides, looking like an art installation from above and functions as an urban umbrella, a perfect gathering place, we enjoyed being there and watch groups of young adults biking and skating, laughing and communicating.

Later on, on our way to Victoria Market, we passed by a very architectural interesting building – Palace of Justice, the 48,000-square-metre landmark as a new civic centre for the area. “Along with a courthouse containing 26 courtrooms, the six-storey Palace of Justice contains offices, the Forensic Institute, an archive, cafe, room for weddings to be held, prison and a parking garage” according to Dezeen, The rectangular building is arranged around a central “spine” with blocks arranged on either side, divided by vertical slots that break up the building and form the courtyards. This puzzle-like structure hints at its process of formation and emulates the experience of the dense historical centre of Córdoba.

On a tree-lined boulevard, we arrived to Andalusia’s first gastronomic-market: Mercado Victoria. The cheese, wine and jamón ibérico were superb, what really adds up to the experience is its location being surrounded by lush gardens and hanging plants all over the its interior spaces. Of course, a visit to Cordoba is incomplete without checking out the Cordoba Mezquita, in its historical center, stands a beautiful cathedral inside a mosque, no separate entry or exit, they share pillars, floors, it is simply a visual showstopper and unique blend of Muslim and Christian architecture. Later that night, around 11 pm, we witnessed one special religious event, not too certain about the name of it, people from all over Cordoba was gathering on the street, I have never see these many people on the street this late of the night.

Moving next, Barcelona, where we will enjoy a fiesta of architecture.



Team H2O2 wishes to create different approaches to the world of urban planning and architecture, we value the importance of the “observation”. We were inspired by the idea of an “aimless flaneur” who understands and experience the world we share, how we live together in urban places and how we shape our urban spaces, to find out what works and what doesn’t in creating vibrant cities and enjoy the urban surprises. It takes more than just academics to create a great city.

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