Interior design

Yadong Ophthalmology & Otorhinolaryngology Clinic

The concept

Our design is focusing not only on the hospital but also outside the hospital. In the past, medical care was meant to relieve some symptoms and treat a disease, such as the need to go to the hospital for an operation, and now the hospital or health organization is to make people healthy. Therefore, the concept of “patient-centered” is not only used in hospitals but also extends beyond hospitals. Under such a concept, the ward will no longer be a place for patients to rest. It should also be a place for patients and their families to interact with healthcare workers to ensure that they remain healthy after leaving the hospital. In this sense, the ward is more like a classroom.


Michel Residence

Hybrid Structure
As it was a three-story house, I was worried about how to design the structure. The first layer is reinforced concrete and the second and third layers are wood structures. It is a rare structure in Korea, and it will be proposed as a good alternative in the future. I did not make the whole RC structure. The reason that the 2nd and 3rd floors made wood structure, not only to secure space but also to use the eco-friendly wooden material for the mother’s health.

Interior design

Qingfen Office and Sales center

The Sales Center
“Jian” stands for simplicity. It does not require costly materials and complex lines to clearly and directly represent the company’s image and business atmosphere. Simple and tasteful. This kind of taste is reflected in the detail of the design, each small parts, have to think carefully.

“Ya” stands for suya, pure and refined. Simple colours, simple style in combination with the furniture of simple but elegant and wonderful music style of success for the centre to build a kind of the relaxed and happy atmosphere, let the customer enjoy the time together with all the staff.

The Office
“Jing” stands for silence. Quiet can let the staff in this work environment calm, safe work. Su, through the overall colour, furniture lighting collocation, expressed a noble and serious work environment, so that staff can improve work efficiency.

“Chan” stands for zen. Zen, refers to sitting silently, during the busiest time of the chairman, with the office and restroom with a Chinese style, can let the mood calm down, clear the thought, think twice. And, no matter how windy and rainy, take a step back, is the lasting plan.

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