Once a receipt has been provided to you, you are considered in a contract with Cross the Line and your booking is considered confirmed. It is your responsibility to check the receipt carefully and report any incorrect or misspelled information on the receipt. You are required to report any inaccuracies or anomalies immediately. You will be responsible for ensuring the information provided to CTL is stated exactly as written in your passport and travel documentation. You agree to provide accurate and complete information to CTL. Cross the Line is not responsible for any errors or omissions occurring as a result of you having provided inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect information.

一旦预定成功,提供收据给您,您将被视为与Cross the Line有合同关系,您的预订将被视为已确认。请您在预订时务必提供准确、完整的信息(姓名、性别、证件号码、国籍、联系方式、是否成人等),以免产生预订错误,影响出行。如因客人提供错误个人信息而造成损失,应由客人自行承担因此产生的全部损失。


You acknowledge that travel insurance is not included in the tour cost and that you are required to obtain any insurance necessary for the tour on your own. It is mandatory for every participant to have travel insurance that covers a minimum of medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage. We highly recommend you purchase insurance that includes cancellation, delay, loss damage or injury, or any inconvenience you may have while traveling. Cross the Line will not be held liable for losses that would have been preventable with insurance.

旅行保险不包含在旅行费用中。每个参与者都必须自行购买旅行保险 (至少涵盖医疗,撤离和遣返保险的旅行保险)我们强烈建议您购买包括取消,延误,损失或伤害,或者旅行时可能带来的任何不便的保险。对于本可以通过购买旅行保险预防的损失,Cross the Line不承担任何责任。


Cancellation by Traveler

In the event a traveler of Cross the Line wishes to cancel their tour, the traveler must contact Cross the line via email. Cancellations are subject to penalties. In the event of a cancellation, the following penalties apply:

  • 91 days and more before departure: Tour cost is refundable minus the non-refundable deposit. If you have booked your plane ticket already, the cost of airfare is non-refundable in accordance with airline policies.
  • 90 to 61 days prior to departure: 60% of your total price is non-refundable.
  • 60 days to less prior to departure: 100% of your total price is non-refundable

若旅行者希望取消旅行,旅行者必须通过电子邮件联系Cross the line。在行程前解除合同的,必要的费用扣除标准为:

  • 出发前91天及以上:旅游费用可退还减去不可退还的押金。如果Cross the line已经预订了机票,机票费用将根据航空公司政策不予退还。
  • 出发前90至61天:总价格的60%不予退还。
  • 60天至出发:100%的旅行费用不予退还。​


Applicants must indicate any known medical issues or allergies upon deposit of their tour. Accepted applicants will be prompted to provide this information upon payment. Any known medical issues must be conveyed in the form at checkout, and any other medical restrictions, including pregnancies, must be disclosed. Cross the Line has the right to deny tours based on medical issues if they believe the tour would not be well suited or dangerous for the applicant. In this circumstance, Cross the Line will contact the applicant and provide a refund and any other payments made, providing that the medical information or updates are provided prior to any bookings having been made.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are physically and mentally well enough to attend. Many of the locations visited are remote and may not have the same medical facilities and services offered back home. You should seek medical advice prior to departing, ensure that you are up to date with vaccinations, and any medication necessary to travel. It is also your responsibility to inform your tour guide, any tour leaders, waiters, and hotel staff of any allergies that you may have. Overall, if you have any questions or concerns, it is your responsibility to contact Cross the Line prior to submitting a deposit.

申请人必须在旅行付款时注明任何已知的健康问题或过敏。接受申请后,我们将提示您提供此信息,并且必须传达给我们任何其他健康限制,包括怀孕等。Cross the line有权根据医疗问题拒绝您的申请,如果认定次旅行不适合申请人或对申请人有健康威胁。在这种情况下,Cross the Line将联系申请人,并提供退款和任何其他付款,前提是在任何预订完成之前。您有责任确保您的身心健康。您应该在出发前寻求医疗建议,确保您是最新的疫苗接种,以及旅行所需的任何药物。您也有责任告知您的导游,任何旅游领队,服务员和酒店工作人员您可能有的过敏。总的来说,如果您有任何问题或疑虑,您有责任在提交存款之前联系Cross the Line。


It is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain proper travel documentation for their tour. Cross the line is not liable for any traveler who is not permitted to travel due to missing or incorrect travel documentation including, but not limited to, visas, passports, travel restrictions, and vaccination documents. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after the travel date.

Cross the Line does not specialize in travel documentation. It is the traveler’s responsibility to seek and find any information required to travel to the tour location. Please contact us if you require assistance or resources.

参与者有责任各自获取他们的旅行必备的证件。Cross the line项目不对因旅行证件丢失或不正确证件造成的损失负责,旅行者应承担这部分责任,包括但不限于签证,护照,旅行限制和疫苗接种文件。您的护照必须在旅行日期后的6个月内有效.Cross the Line不专门提供签证服务或旅行证件服务。旅行者有责任寻找前往地点所需的信息,并完善个人的证件或签证,如果您需要帮助,请与我们联系。


Cross the Line does not distribute the traveler’s information unless it is needed to book flights, land tours, or company visits. Any traveler is free to access this information through contacting cross the line.

除非在预订航班,旅行住处或公司参观,大师课程等需要时之外,Cross the Line不会和任何第三方分享参与者的个人信息。


Every participant agrees to images, photos are videos of themselves, or photos including themselves, taken by the Cross the line leaders, or other staff members to be used by the Cross the Line for any purpose marketing related, without compensation or royalties.

参与者同意将旅行过程中cross the line领队或是其他工作人员拍摄的图像,照片,视频,可以供cross the line 用于宣传的目的使用,无需补偿或版税。


Cross the Line is not liable in any way when the tour is disrupted, or any participant is injured, illness, damage, delay, during force majeure or an act of God.

当游览因为不可抗因素中断 (自然因素)或任何参与者的受伤,疾病,延误,不可抗的因素发生时,Cross the Line不承担任何责任。

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