[ Whenever I draw a circle, I immediately want to step out of it.] -Buckminster Fuller


「Cross the Line」

顾名思义: 「越界」


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2019年9月15日至27日 可持续性设计及绿色建筑科技

13days 12nights | airfare | transportation | all activities | accommodation | meal

13天12晚 | 含食宿 | 机票 | 境内交通 | 大师课程 | 项目考察 | 创意体验 | 活动作坊 


Observation skills are fundamental faculties for spatial understanding, essential to any human-centered design within the architectural domain.It is also a major medium of cultural transmission, central to the way architects and designers acquire a feel of the space.Power of observation give us more thought to different approach on city planning and architectural design, what works and what doesnt in creating vibrant cities.


We walk with purpose and without it, to think and write, to map and design, to protest society or to suppor civil rights, to nd belonging or to lose oneself.We recommand designers to “get lost” as often as possible.


It takes more than academic to create a good city. Travelling to other places allow us to understand how buildings gives impact to the community, to utilize cities as labs and observe how people respond to the built environment. It lls up our desire to explore and provides us a platform to connect ourselves with other creative brains. Good designs go beyond than just getting inspirations from a diagram in a texbook or a magazine, travel helps us to FEEL it. The practice of architecture is more than sketching on trace paper, parti diagrams and Instagram-worthy job-site photos. It means solving problems with a GLOBAL vision.

Urban Observers Series

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