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H2O2 is an innovative company, which offers professional and diversified design, education and development services to global clients. We strive to challenge ourselves and never shy away from taking risks in order to archive excellent results. We greatly value ecology and technology. Using our love and wisdom to design and build a sustainable and harmonious society for humans and nature is our perpetual goal. We achieve this through creating spaces that complement the natural beauty of our environment.


Our name – H2O2 (H-2-O-2) and philosophy were inspired by two essential elements; water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). These two elements constitute and represent the very foundation of life on earth. They are simple, flexible and versatile, which are qualities that inspire all of our creations, allowing our spaces to gracefully adapt to people, cultures, environments and our clients’ needs. Because design is the essence of our life, the H2O2 team wants to offer human beings the chance to shape the world through an optimistic vision of the future by turning problems into opportunities.

H2O2 Global Collaboration Strategy

H2O2 has a global vision on building “WIN-WIN-WIN” collaborations with other talented companies or professionals offering expertise in various areas while sharing values and resources. This ecosystem of mutually beneficial collaborations allows H2O2 to join forces with other companies or individuals to resolve diverse issues and adapt to local cultures and people’s needs. This strategy results in the delivery of amazing projects and services that go beyond our clients’ expectations.

5 star hotel
*Master plan
*Interior design


*House of masters
*World design adventures

Integrating technologies with hands-on projects

*The little quebec hotels project
*Interactive wood facility project

Development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the future



CEO and Co-Founder

Jason Chen

Jason is a graduate in Architecture and Building Engineering. He co-foundered H2O2 in 2014. Since then, he has led the team through challenging times as well as the delivery of many well-done projects. He believes in sustainable development and ecological thinking. He continuously develops and discovers his “Master Plan” for creating sustainable spaces/societies with his team, with a focus on developing and developed countries and regions.

Urban Planer and Business developer

Yan Zhao

Yan graduated with a Ph.D. in Urban planning from Shanghai Tongji University. He is involved in many important governmental projects in Shanghai and other southern cities. His vision is to use his knowledge to resolve the conflicts between urbanization and environment in China.

General Manager and Co-Founder

Martin Lussier

Martin has a master’s degree in Education. He also has rich knowledge, and experience in the construction filed. He co-foundered H2O2 with Jason. He is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and a minimalist.

Urban Planner

Yueyue Zou

Yueyue was Born in Tianjin and raised in Montreal. She enjoys walking in the city as an urban flâneur. Having completed her degree in Urban Planning, YueYue focuses on participatory design and has at heart to revitalize public spaces through the implementation of human-scale designs that have a transformative power on a social dimension. She is an avid cyclist, photographer and part-time traveller.


Nayereh Zolfipoor

Nana has a Master’s degree in Architecture from ISFAHAN University as well as a DVS in Residential & Commercial Drafting in Architecture. She is a passionate and creative architect with valuable professional experience as a conceptual architect and supervisor. She has additional experience as an architecture instructor in the undergraduate program at Azad University. She is also the author of several published articles on sustainable architecture.

H2O2 Global strategic partners

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